Machine Learning:
Internet-of-Things (IoT) interconnecting with security guarantees Project Description:
By connecting different systems/ applications to each other forming a large scale convergence, such powerful connectivity becomes more susceptible to security concerns. Therefore, successfully addressing security in this context has become critically important. There are several platforms to conduct IoT applications, such as ThingSpeak, MATLAB R201 6, and Arduino IoT.

Analysis and Measuring Internet and Network Attacks Project Description:
Analysis and measuring -potentially unknown and low-frequently- Internet and network attacks (i.e., intra- and inter-cluster approaches) ranging anomalies, DoS attacks, cache pollution attacks and congestion; then propose countermeasures against adversaries. We would aim a detailed analysis of the Internet and network attacks mounted for political, economical, or sabotage motivations, e.g., disabling commercial rivals, cheating at online gaming, and damaging the system itself(communication channel and its applications) or losing operability elsewhere in the interconnected systems.

Big Data:
Intelligent (Big) data analysis for a smart society/ organization Project Description:
This is a process of converting raw data (i.e., small, medium and big size) from databases to knowledge, then following by users for an efficient and effective decision making towards an intelligent business. This project contains lots of work and idea, such as understanding data and data quality by data mining concepts, data modelling through (online and offline) machine learning, model optimization by meta-heuristic optimization techniques, and interface design and visualization techniques. There are lots of platforms to run any part of this project, ideally by MATLAB, R Studio, Visual Studio, SPSS Clementine, so on.

• Interconnection Networks
• Computer Networks
• Distributed Systems
• Big Data
• Internet-of-Things
• Analytical Modelling
• Optimization Theory
• Mathematical Programming

Internet-of-Things (IoT) Project Description:
The Internet of things is the interconnection of physical objects using an internet connection, allowing them to interact external to themselves by sending and receiving data. The project uses ChipKit WiFIRE board designed by Imagination Company and sets up a Creator IoT Framework system. ChipKit WiFIRE is pin-compatible with 3.3 Arduino shields; it can also use IDEs with hardware abstraction (MPIDE, UECIDE).

Network Planning and Design Project Description:
This is a practical and comprehensive project which design an enterprise network from scratch. Students need to design and present a proposal for purchase, implementation and support of the network and make sure the designed network is reliable, secure, and manageable.

Human-Robot Interaction (HRI)
Project Description:
The main goal of HRI is to enable robots to successfully interact with humans. As robots increasingly make their way into functional roles in everyday human environments (like homes, schools, and hospitals), we need them to be able to interact with everyday people. Moreover, a person working with a robot shouldn’t be required to learn a new form of interaction. Thus, the project aims to develop techniques to improve task coordination and collaboration between human and robot partners.